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March 1, 2023

pain (physical)

my ankle aches as any ankle would that has been twisted and hurt
i wish it would stop and let me live my life
let me write my essay and not cry over it
even though perhaps i would do that anyway
i think about how he walked behind me
and then in front of me
remembering how he was just then and there
because for the next four days that memory is all i have
and the pain in my foot that won't go away
i dream of him and wonder why he makes me feel so nice
the world is my oyster and the pearl, his name is...
this isn't a rhyming poem shhhh

give me a reason not to worry about my foot
give me a smile and a laugh
tell me everything gets better from here
and i'll believe you

February 27, 2023

it's you that made me this way


do you think i expected to fall for you?
hold the door and somehow you're mine?
of course,  i knew i liked your face
but how could i have predicted this?
the green sweater, the smile
you won me over so fast
for days i've thought only of you
distraction times one thousand
number twenty three and me
somehow it just seems right
i look in the mirror at my lovelorn eyes
and wonder how i became so smitten
it's obvious, though
that all it took was you
it's you that made me this way.

December 20, 2022

what am i doing


hell if i know
have some recent artwork & edits

December 8, 2022

alive and well in hollywood


the glitz and the glamour is doing just fine.
the worries of privacy echo throughout the walls,
hollywood's greatest stars murmur and wail,
but the mystique still lives.
the mysterious personal lives and affairs
of those we'll never know
the truth of the matter, is hollywood's soul
was never about the glamour,
never about the glitz.
it was merely a ploy to trick the world
into believing that magic exists.
but the dust which they use
does not come from fairies
and it cannot make you fly.
its only true power is addiction and fear,
and all it can do is kill you.
but for now, as it seems,
the magic is alive and well in hollywood.

December 3, 2022

gmail bgs



kith kith x

November 30, 2022

an ai told me selena gomez's favorite foods


Selena Gomez's favorite foods include tacos, pizza, chicken, and sushi. She has said in interviews that she loves Mexican food, and often craves tacos and quesadillas. She also enjoys Italian food, and loves pizza and pasta. Gomez is a fan of sushi, and often eats it for lunch.

November 20, 2022




Isopoda is an order of crustaceans that includes woodlice and their relatives. Isopods live in the sea, in fresh water, or on land. A giant isopod is any of the almost 20 species of large isopods in the genus Bathynomus. They are abundant in the cold, deep waters of the Atlantic, ...