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September 12, 2022

September 10, 2022

listening to: september 10th


Something To Hold On To - The Band CAMINO
Fast Times - Sabrina Carpenter
Wouldn't Change A Thing - Saylor Bell, Adrian Lyles, and the HSMTMTS Cast
Sideways - Modern Original and The Mowgli's
I Think I Like You - The Band CAMINO
Better Than I Know Myself - Del Water Gap
About Damn Time - Lizzo
Somebody's Gonna Love You - The Wldlfe

Just a little thing I'm doing


 “I vow dutifully to retain the traditions of my people, my people who have rejected the idea of a familial unit. The bonds between man, woman, and child are no longer strong enough to survive on their own. We must all band together as one in order to maintain hope and fight for our survival. There shall never again be a passive monarch in Absentia. No King nor Queen will ever allow the suffering King Autonomous allowed our mothers to endure for the last fifty years. We are no longer lost. We are united. We have overthrown the King. No war can separate us as it did our fathers. Our fathers who fought bravely for their homes, only to die leaving their wives and their children. Their children would grow into the people I see before me today. Absentia, formerly all but a word, is the only life we have ever known. The only place, the only home. We rule in peace.”

When soldiers are marked “dead in absentia”, they did not truly go missing. They died in the kingdom of Absentia, once governed by a powerful evil with the means to expel any outsider from entry. They married, and their new brides bore children the brave soldiers would never get to meet. The survivors of the once violent Absentian kingdom remain united, rejecting the idea of family and fatherhood. Previous generations mourned the loss of their fathers so deeply that the new queen vowed to protect all children from ever having to feel that sort of pain.

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September 8, 2022

breaking news yall


the queen has died

math class was fun

have a lovely evening

September 7, 2022

feeling: exhausted


 i just wanna sleep!!! my classes are only monday-thursday so i can sleep in on friday but ohmyg-d i need sleep now!!!!!! i made a couple of friends so that's nice 🙂!! been talking to my twitter crush (is it still a twitter crush if he has my phone number now???) and that’s been exhilarating !! could hardly sleep thinking about him monday night lol. 😝  i have english (composition) and math tmrw... had watercolors today but we barely did anything so i went with one of my classmates to the library for a little afterwards. then i had a meeting which i thought was an hour earlier than it actually was ... i just watched the new hsmtmts episode outside the lady i was meeting with's office. my dad got me after that and we went to the wendy's drive through. now i am home and i am exhausted

September 6, 2022

college boys


college boys are less than special

they're nothing like the working class

a boy will leave you,

hurt and alone

a man will love you

and call you darling

boys laugh

men compliment yours

boys exhaust themselves

trying to be something they're not

men know there's no other way

to make ends meet

but love,

love, my dears,

is the most grownup feeling

one can possess.

and college boys,

they'd give you less.

August 29, 2022